Title: We are more than Friends
Pairing: Gray x Natsu
Rating: T
Summary: What if Gray and Natsu were once very close friends?
Notes: My little theory on what really happened between this two. Enjoy~! :3 This story is dedicated to my beloved cousin, Happy Birthday!

(But things happened and they were forced to communicate in the only way their pride allowed them to. With punches, kicks, magic and cruel, harsh words.)

Luv ya!
~always sakurarnj~

Porn Battle XIII

The Porn Battle is here! Fairy Tail is sorely underrepresented, so go and leave Fairy Tail prompts by 9 pm UK time on Thursday 2nd February 2012 so that there are some to choose from for the battle, which starts on the 5th and lasts about a week! (And then, of course, FILL PROMPTS!)

Make your prompts here!
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Stuck in the Middle Contest Sign Ups!

For December we're going to tackle the Stuck in the Middle contest! Check out the details below!

♠ If you'd like to compete, just leave a comment here stating that you'd like to.

♠ Sign-ups will close November 28th

♠ On November 30 I will send a PM to those participating with the opening and ending lines.

♠ Only slight modifications are allowed to the opening and ending lines. There can be tweaks to tense, or changing singular to plural nouns (or vice versa), but the lines must remain the same. Like if the opening line was: He needed something more. Acceptable changes are: She needed something more. S/He needs something more. They need(ed) something more. You cannot add more or take anything away from the line.

♠ There is no word or content limit. Multi-chapter submissions are okay, but only complete multi-chapters can be voted on. You're free to write whatever your heart (or bouncy litter of plot-bunnies, or abusive muse) desires. Just be sure to give the appropriate rating and warnings if there are any.

♠ Competitors will have until midnight EST on the turn-in date, December 30, to submit entries and post to the community a link that leads to your entry.

♠ I will compile the entries into a poll and post it to the community on January 1. The poll will remain open until January 5. The readers will vote for their favorite entries!

♠ The first prize winner will receive fanart based on their winning entry by *Alina-chan on dA. If you have not seen her pretty arts, check out the link and you will not be disappointed. She's a wonderful artist and I'm so happy that she will be providing the prize.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask :)

*Would a fic exchange for January sound good to everyone?*
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November Chat - NaNoWriMo & Future Contests

Hello Community!

I hope everyone is doing well :D

We haven't had much going on here as of late, so I have no updates to post.

I was thinking of doing a contest for November, but NaNo is upon us. I'm not sure how many of you are participating in National Novel Writing Month but it's quite the writing experience. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel within the month of November. Sign up is free and it's still not too late to join the writing adventure. They usually offer you a copy of your novel in print for anyone who completes the challenge by November 30.

Having NaNo buddies are a great way to stay motivated. If anyone in the comm is participating, feel free to add me as a WriMo buddy. I'm celestial_circumference
If you're looking for more writing buddies, leave your NaNo name here!

I've secured an artist to make some fanart for winning entries!!

Since this will be the first contest I'm hosting, I'm narrowing it down to two options: The Stuck in the Middle Challenge and the Anonymous Challenge. Which one would you like to participate in first? Just leave a comment here with your vote and if you need a refresher on the challenges, you can visit this post here

The plan is to offer sign ups during the last week of November and give out the prompt on November 30 so you have more time to write. I hope for your feedback concerning contests Community! ♥
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Fairy Tail Fan Contest [Anime Evo]

(I know, I know - two posts in one day! ^_^)

In honor of Fairy Tail reaching its 100th episode this week, one of our non-LJ affiliates is holding a Fairy Tail fan contest. The grand prize winner will receive a Blu-ray/DVD combo and volume one of the FT manga.

If anyone is interested in it, you can check out the rules and all other details at Anime-Evo right on this way (*opens in new window for your convenience)

You've got a month! Good luck to those that decide to participate!
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October Chat: ABC Prompts

Hello community!!

It's been awhile. I had a loss in my family, but things are starting to return to 'normal' now.

I'm still securing another artist to do a prize for the first contest I'm hosting and hopefully it can start next month :)
I think our calendar is still pretty open, so there are plenty of opportunities for writing and prompt challenges. If you have an idea, please feel free to post it here or drop me a PM if you're interested in hosting one. Your input helps to keep the community running ♥

For now though, let's play a little game. I'm going to give a prompt that begins with A and the person that fills it will then leave a prompt that begins with B, and the next will begin with C, then D and so on and so on...

Multiple fills are okay! That then means multiple letter prompts and more opportunities for fic doused with awesome-sauce. Let's see how much of the alphabet we can get through.

Just remember that if your reply has mature content/triggers to label it as such.

A is for Apologies
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